Shopping spree for silk!

Shopping spree for silk!

We’ve been shopping for you! I must say this is online shopping in the extreme; buying hundreds of meters of fabric to make up the next run of trouserslips and the associated products, is quite fun.

We’ve opted for a weightier silk, from the 10mm to a 15mm in the nude and a 19mm in the black and white – so the cami’s for example, can be worn as outerwear as now they have a wider strap to cover bra straps. Great for layer dressing for hot flashes now!

In the new production run, we have taken out the outer side seam in the trouserslips to make them stronger and also to reduce unnecessary bulk. This does mean we use more fabric though, but now we are cutting in a different way, we can use the rest of the fabric to make other items. The team at Bortex, who are manufacturing items for us, have so much experience that we are benefitting from.

A sleep mask in silk has got to be the ultimate luxury…. and they are said to reduce wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes so we are making these for customers and will be online soon.

Adding to the range over time, are silk pillowcases which make wonderful gifts too, they have lots of benefits, check out this article from Good Housekeeping magazine for more info.

We are currently searching for the right pink for a Breast Cancer Awareness special edition which will be on sale in September and October 2021 only, and ALL profits will go to charity in Malta focusing on the disease.

So check back regularly!







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