Pop to the corner shop

Pop to the corner shop

It’s been a funny ol’ year so far, but we like to think we’ve made the most of it. The online store has been a great success and we had a lot of fun making this video. What do you think?

If you are in Malta, we have taken a corner in a concept store in one of the historic Three Cities. The store, called Find the Door, is in Birgu, and we are proudly situated alongside a line of handmade clothes.

We’re using the summer months to create our pink silk french knickers and camisole tops that we are making for Pink October 2021. These will be on sale in September and all profits will go to a local cancer charity. The line is limited so do pre-order!

We will be releasing a red set too for Christmas, the coloured silks are a heavier weight than the lingerie silks a 19mm instead of a 10mm. These still make your clothes hang better and feel luxurious against the skin, but as they are weightier, can be worn as outerwear too!

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