Our survey said…..

Our survey said…..

We ran a survey with customers and found out some interesting information. We’ve thrashed out the feedback and the manufacturers are gearing up to make the changes requested.

A shorter length trouserslip was requested by over 30% of respondents – so we are introducing a ‘knee-length’ version which has a length of 35cm at the inside leg. This will be available in both silk and poly and called the CULOTTE. It can be worn under trousers, cropped trousers and even dresses and skirts to stop chafing of thighs.

The camisole top is getting wider straps to cover bra-straps, so it can be worn as a top too. I’ve been the guinea pig and it’s reassuring that when a hot flash comes on, I can undress and still maintain my modesty! Looks great as a top in its own right!

We are also trialing the trouserslips without a seam on the outer leg – to minimise lumps further – but this is work in progress. We are also working on a sleeved version of the silk top too, we will be testing sleeve lengths out in the coming months.

Eco-friendly packaging is important to us – and it seems also to you – so we are introducing new packaging with the new production run which we are hoping will be ready for sale in mid-March 2021.

Some special colours will be launched too – these will be short runs and may be taken on pre-order so as not to disappoint!


We will update you here and in our newsletter which we are launching in March 2021. Do subscribe to be kept up to date!


Have a luxury day!



Monique x


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