Layer dressing for hot days and hot flashes

Layer dressing for hot days and hot flashes

It’s a funny time of year weather-wise, we’re wanting to show our skin to the sunshine when it appears, but it’s a bit nippy still to wear the summery clothes that are in the shops. A bit like the months after summer, we should wear layers that can be added and taken away as the temperature changes.

And that counts for menopausal hot flashes too. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve begun to melt in a public setting – one good thing about lockdown I guess! Stripping off on the sofa is far less embarrassing than doing it in a restaurant.

Whilst every bone in my marketing body tells me ‘I am not the customer,’ in this case, however, I am. I was a customer before I bought the company and as a customer, knew what I was looking for when I stumbled across Nudescovery Trouserslips.

And when the opportunity came to purchase the business, I immediately knew of the changes I wanted to make and the products I wanted to see. It seems many other customers had similar thoughts according to our first survey, and some fabulous ideas and reasons to wear them which we have taken on and added to the product plans and messages we share with the community.

The camisole top has been given wider straps for those who prefer to cover their bra straps and the weight of the silk is higher, so it can be worn as a top. We have both versions in stock, so let us know your preference when ordering.

I wear my camisoles as top that I show off under a denim jacket, or with a bit showing under a cardigan or a suit jacket, and I wear them to sleep in with French knickers. So comfortable, even the poly versions as they are breathable too. The poly sets are 50 euro and the silk ones, 95 euro.

They are also great under a lovely floaty summer dress; nude under white or pastel shades or a fabric that has cutwork, broderie Anglais, white is great for darker skins under white, and black works well under darker clothes.

We still have some full slip petticoats and half slip underskirts in stock in poly and silk – we won’t be making these again, so order while we have stock!





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