Chapter One

Wearing silk trouserslips and camisole

Chapter One

A couple of weeks before Christmas 2020 – an email arrived in my inbox, it was from the owner of a store that I had bought a product from the year before. An awesome product. What is it I hear you ask? The product I bought is Pure Silk trouserslips, essentially, lining for trousers. Suffering from eczema, and having my fair share of cellulite, these fabulous trouserslips add that barrier between my skin and itchy and clingy fabrics – they add a LayerOfLuxury™

The email read that the lovely owner was retiring and made a casual comment in her mail ‘if anyone is interested to take it on, get in touch.’ I’d been looking for something to get my teeth into for a while, and with a very keen interest in clothes and sewing and with skills in marketing and entrepreneurship – plus savings I’d put aside for my 50th birthday year that I didn’t get to spend – I thought I’d investigate further.

“I loved the product so much; I bought the whole company”

Within 4 weeks from receiving this email—with Christmas in-between—the business was mine! We signed contracts on 12/1/21 and it’s been all go go go ever since; a new name, a rebranding exercise, packaging partly designed using my new CriCut machine, delivery of stock, a photoshoot to showcase the products, and some market research to learn about the customers’ experience and expectations so I could create a roadmap for new product ideas to share with people all over the world, via this website – and well, here we are.

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