10 Reasons To Wear Trouserslips

10 Reasons To Wear Trouserslips

10 reasons to add a Layer of Luxury

Why wear slips under your clothing.

  1. Don’t cling on!

A silk slip is the perfect solution: It provides a snug, smooth, anti-static layer between your clothing and your body, which keeps your top layer in place. No matter how much running around you do, the slip will keep everything right where it ought to be even when wearing tights.


  1. Add a layer of comfort from itchy fabrics.

Wear trouserslips to add a barrier between your skin and itchy fabrics. Breathable, anti-static and luxurious against the skin even for those with sensitive skin / eczema, they also have other benefits. Read on!


  1. Protect your leather, wool and tweed items from sagging at the bottom and bagging at the knee with a trouserslip. Also feels softer against the skin.


  1. Keep your fancy clothes clean for a second wearing

Unpopular opinion: your clothes may not need full laundering after every wear. Surely your intimates require washing after a single use, but that doesn’t mean that every item in your wardrobe does! Particularly for fancy dresses and trousers that may be dry-clean only, wearing a slip underneath may get you an extra wearing.


  1. Add a layer under a semi-sheer outfit

Even if your dress is only somewhat translucent, you may find that in direct sunlight, it shows more of your underwear than you’d like – and a poorly lit room indoors doesn’t always tell the whole story. For dark skins, choose white for under pale clothes. We are launching a dark nude later this year too!


  1. Smooth your silhouette and hide VPL

Contrary to popular belief, it really doesn’t take an expanse of flesh-squishing shapewear to smooth your silhouette. A trouserslip will often do the trick, and with a lot more comfort. Disguise a VPL, cellulite and those ugly pocket pouches.


  1. My mum says, “if your underwear is going to show, make sure it’s pretty” so French knickers under a dress that might do a Marilyn on you are ideal. Sassy yet modest and if your thighs chafe, wear our cropped trouserslips as these help with that too.


  1. Add a layer of warmth

Great for holidays as they pack small and can be worn under many styles, our poly trouserslips add a layer of warmth but are breathable too so you won’t perspire. Many use them on the golf course under their golfing gear!


  1. Life is too short to wear ugly pyjamas!

Nothing is more glamorous than snuggling up in your favourite silk slip, with a good book and a furry best friend! You really should be wearing the finest fabrics against your skin to sleep in. Pro tip: if you’re buying a slip purely as nightwear, you may consider going up a size from your usual. Since you may toss and turn in your sleep, you won’t want the clothing to feel restrictive at all, so a size larger will give you more freedom of movement. The full slip, camisole, trouserslips and french knickers all work well as sleepwear!


  1. Feel like a glamorous, Hollywood starlet

Don’t believe me? Then you clearly haven’t worn a silk slip under your regular, boring work clothes before! You’ll be amazed by how transformative a single item of clothing can be – even when it’s for your eyes only. But especially with the softness and gentle swishing of silk against the skin, you’ll instantly feel a little more elegant and refined. So go ahead, live a little: Turn a sleepy Monday at the office into a silver screen fantasy – and add a Layer of Luxury!

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